Eternity Man - Film

"It is a mesmerising, beautifully filmed work, and baritone Grant Doyle turns in a heartbreakingly good performance as Stace..."

The Observer, Jan 8, 2009

The story of Arthur Stace THE ETERNITY MAN runs like a song line through 20th century Sydney history. Spanning four decades, Arthur Stace’s nocturnal mission to chalk his timeless message on the city streets somehow captured its changing soul and to this day his journey remains part of its quintessential urban history.

Based on the 2003 Opera, THE ETERNITY MAN is a unique film where words, music and moving images combine to create something both startling and new - ‘The Eternity Man’ excites the senses. The high calibre creative team including Jonathan Mills, the prominent Australian composer who now holds the post of director of the Edinburgh Festival; Dorothy Porter, the well respected novelist; UK Director Julien Temple (Jo Strummer the Future is Unwritten, The Filth & the Fury) and Producers Rosemary Blight (Clubland) and UK based John Wyver (who won an International Emmy for his last filmed Opera ‘Gloriana’) joined forces to ensure the creation of true ‘Event Television’. This is an ABC TV and Channel 4 UK television presentation.

Release Date:
Screenplay By:
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Goalpost Pictures & Illuminations Media
Grant Doyle, Christa Hughes
Dorothy Porter, Julien Temple & Jonathan Mills

Julien Temple
Rosemary Blight, Alex Fleetwood, John Wyver

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Arthur is hopelessly drunk and is keeping watch for the police outside his sister's brothel. In his stupor he neglects his job and Myrtle is forced to pay off the local superintendant. As he is kicked out of the house, it is clear she will no longer put up with him and his pathetic addiction.

WARNING: Coarse Language, sexual themes

Chapter 3:

In this sequence, Arthur is now homeless and meets a fellow tramp who tells him to go to the Burton St Baptist church - there he will get a free feed if he says he loves Jesus. Drunk and delirious, he hears the words of the preacher and has a miraculous revelation after mysteriously finding a piece of chalk in his pocket. Previously unable to read or write, Arthur discovers his life's destiny.

WARNING: Coarse Language (only the first 2 minutes)

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7:

Arthur Stace (Grant Doyle), now quite aged, walks the streets of Sydney like a phantom, scribing the word "Eternity" in chalk as he has done for some 35 years. He is trapped in purgatory, believing if he ever lapsed in his calling, he would be damned. Finally he is released by being "exposed": his anonymity lost, his message no longer has meaning.