‘Grant Doyle is a stunning Orestes, occupying the role with a profound sense of fate, all the more devastating for its restraint. Vocally, he doesn’t hold back, unleashing one of the 
smoothest, most agile baritones I have heard in a while. "

Iphigénie en Tauride/Pinchgut Opera,  Harriet Cunningham, The Sydney Morning Herald

"Baritone Grant Doyle also impressed as Iphigénie’s tormented brother Orest. Maintaining a burnished, smoky toned timbre, he captured his character’s anguish, seamlessly shifting from quietly smouldering resentment to explosive rage.’

Iphigénie en Tauride/Pinchgut Opera, Murray Black, The Australian

"Chief among the males is her captor the Forester,  big-voiced and yet vulnerable in baritone Grant Doyle's fine portrayal."

Cunning Little Vixen/Garsington Opera, The Observer, 29th June, 2014

"The Australian baritone Grant Doyle was perfect as the dastardly Don, combining a fine, powerful voice with a splendid swagger and confident and energetic movements around the stage that emphasized his irresistibility."

Don Giovanni/Garsington Opera, Daily Express,
June 13 2012

"....around him are some of the finest actor-singers you'll see in years. Grant Doyle as first mate Starbuck, in every moment, every gesture, communicates the depths of longing that fuel his spirit."

Moby-Dick/State Opera of South Australia,
the Advertiser, August 2011