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Don Giovanni

in Mozart's "Don Giovanni"

Grant Doyle"Baritone, Grant Doyle, oozes self-confidence and lust, striding boldly around the stage, making every square millimetre his own. Our first sight of him is looking like a male erotic model version of Zorro, the knee high black boots and hot pants making the distinction between the hero and the villain. Intakes of breath could be heard all around me. Doyle brings a high level of sizzling sexuality to the role that makes it all work, proving that opera singers today can act and move, as well as sing magnificently."

Barry Lenny, Broadway World, 23 May 2015

"Adelaide-raised Grant Doyle is absolutely superb as the womanising, morally bankrupt Don Giovanni, cutting a debonair swathe across the stage, alternately ‘loving’ and leaving a myriad of maidens in his wake. He is at once rakishly attractive yet also darkly despicable – creating a quandary of sorts – you can’t help but connect with the character, all the while abhorring his many dastardly deeds. Doyle is able to easily portray these elements, his acting and rich baritone performance keeping all eyes firmly on Giovanni’s antics."

Rosie van Heerde, The, May 2015

Grant Doyle as Don Giovanni"State Opera provides a vehicle for local talent and it is gratifying to see Grant Doyle playing Giovanni with such style and complete command of the stage. Doyle has a magnificent baritone voice and he is the living proof that opera singers can act convincingly while also singing beautifully. (He) presents the charm and the attractive aspects of his character but, equally, allows his egocentric and violent manner to be apparent."

Greg Elliot, InDaily Magazine, 25 May 2015

"Grant Doyle reveled in the role of Don Giovanni. His rich baritone voice was uniformly strong across the register, and he cut a very swashbuckling and rakish figure. He was animated in the extreme, and convincingly portrayed Don Giovanni’s final slide into depravity."

Kim Clayton, Barefoot Review, May 2015

‘Grant Doyle is a stunning Orestes, occupying the role with a profound sense of fate, all the more devastating for its restraint. Vocally, he doesn’t hold back, unleashing one of the 
smoothest, most agile baritones I have heard in a while. "

Iphigénie en Tauride/Pinchgut Opera,  Harriet Cunningham, The Sydney Morning Herald

"Baritone Grant Doyle also impressed as Iphigenie’s tormented brother Orest. Maintaining a burnished, smoky toned timbre, he captured his character’s anguish, seamlessly shifting from quietly smoulderingg resentment to explosive rage.’

Iphigénie en Tauride/Pinchgut Opera, Murray Black, The Australian

"Chief among the males is her captor the Forester,  big-voiced and yet vulnerable in baritone Grant Doyle's fine portrayal."

Cunning Little Vixen/Garsington Opera, The Observer, 29th June, 2014

"The Australian baritone Grant Doyle was perfect as the dastardly Don, combining a fine, powerful voice with a splendid swagger and confident and energetic movements around the stage that emphasised his irresistibility."

Don Giovanni/Garsington Opera, Daily Express,
June 13 2012

"....around him are some of the finest actor-singers you'll see in years. Grant Doyle as first mate Starbuck, in every moment, every gesture, communicates the depths of longing that fuel his spirit."

Moby-Dick/State Opera of South Australia,
the Advertiser, August 2011